Tuesday, September 28, 2010

As seen in October Edition of "Your Health Magazine": New Season, New Work Out

Fall is around the corner. A slight chill is in the air. And you are stuck in an exercise rut!

Most of us like to get into a groove when it comes to working out. But many times this is the reason we quit before we’ve made it to our goals! Need some variety? Now is a great time to shake-up that exercise “routine.”
Here are three simple ways to inject some variety and fun back into your day-to-day fitness.

Cross Training:
• By definition, this can be described as performing an activity that is in no way related to a target activity. Choose a sport or activity that you have never done and have wanted to learn, and do that three times per week over the next month instead of your usual program. This will keep your body guessing and the results coming.

Try Some Fun Indoor Activities:
• Find a swimming pool: Swimming is great exercise and, even if you can’t swim, the benefits from normal exercise movements in a pool are widely recognized. Swimming also helps alleviate the aches and pains associated with exercise.
• Rock climbing: There are several safe indoor facilities that you can try and most charge little or nothing to give you a crack at it. It’s fun, exciting and especially challenging! It is a great workout in a small amount of time — perfect for the person who likes to work hard but is dealing with some time constraints.
• Join a racquetball, squash or volleyball league: Often times, experience and skills are not a requirement for these groups. The idea is to find something you can have fun with while trying to improve your skills and fitness.

Hired Help:
• The best way to make your current exercise regimen more enjoyable is to learn some new exercises! There are thousands of ways to vary your weight training or cardiovascular exercise program, but often times our clients simply tell us, “I would have never thought of that!”
• Be sure to do your homework. There are many resources available to find the best fitness professional near you. This will ensure that you and your new trainer are a good personality fit and that they possess the skills and knowledge necessary for safe and effective help.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to School and in a hurry!!

So you are late again. Kids need to get rushed off to the bus stop or to day care and you're behind as always. Did you remember your briefcase? Where are your keys? What time is it? OH, no! I'm WAY behind. Need to eat something: grab one of the kids sugary snacks? A pop tart might work.... dunno. Well, at least I have my coffee. Where is THE SPLENDA!!! ARGH.

No time for a real breakfast... again. You need a quick and nutritious on-the-go-meal. But what to do?

Here is a simple way to eat on the go and not deprive yourself, or your family, of the essential nutrition they need in the AM. Before bedtime, wrap up a good ol' PB&J and a banana or other hand held piece of fruit and pop it in the fridge.

Now you're all set. In a rush the next morning? Grab it and go. You can easily and safely eat a quick sandwich in the car on the way to work and you will be assured several hundred excellent calories in the process. Is breakfast a problem for your entire household? Replicate the above steps and now everyone's equipped for the first part of their day.

Give this a whirl and take a deep breath: your morning routine just got easier (and HEALTHIER!)